The Pack

Virtually Indestructible!

Superior Durability, Reliability
and Minimal Maintenance

BLOBs for easy team identification
and clear target areas

Leather - Tough, Durable but Soft and Flexible

On-the-rack Charging

DarkLight Packs automatically charge
when returned to the racks

No more swapping batteries

No more Packs turning off mid game

Never come in to find discharged batteries

Real Time Scoring

High-Speed 2-Way Radio Data Link
to keep players up-to-date

Phaser Display gives constant player feedback

No Downloading scores at the end of the game;
for faster turn-around time

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Can tag players when detected

Can be set as a Team Base

Can be a Game Objective

Can sell Power-Ups in exchange for Credits

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The HEX Arena

A true Multi-Level Arena Concept

Interlinking Towers, Bridges and Ramps

Detailed Plans, Bills of Materials and Cutting Guides
will be provided

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Interested in opening a Laser Tag Arena?

DarkLight was formed in 1991, since then we have been offering ground-breaking technology in Laser Tag Games. Incorporating a true two-way radio polling system, real time scoring and player feedback via the Phaser display and digital sound effects, on the rack charging and much more…

DarkLight offers the most advanced, versatile game design and play platform in the world.

Durable Hi Tech Equipment

DarkLight V5 kit is durable and reliable. The less down-time, the more revenue you can take.

Interactive Arenas

Not only do you have to play your opponents, you also have to battle the environment due to the interactive GEMs.

Industry Leading Innovations

DarkLight has always been an industry leader, with several of it’s innovations becoming the industry standard.

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