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The BodySuit

The DarkLight Version 5 BodySuit is specially designed to be lightweight and comfortable for everybody. At only 4lbs (1.8kg) it is suitable for both kids and adults and has adjustable waist straps to ensure it fits everyone properly. This is not just a toy - it is ground breaking technology neatly compacted into a low profile, flexible, soft suit in which you can play games that , up until now, technology would not allow.

The Pack

Each Bodysuit has 6 illuminated, vibrating sensors called BLOBs, so called because they produce a large, rich, clearly visible light glow rather than a small pin hole of light. Each BLOB can be illuminated either red, green, blue or yellow for different teams so any Pack can be on any team and can change teams within advanced games. In Solo games (everyone vs. everyone) all players' lights are red.

The BLOBs are on the front and back shoulders and front and back waist which makes it possible for you to be tagged from almost any angle including from below and above in multi-level arenas. When you get taggged the BLOB that is hit strobes white showing other players where you were tagged and vibrates letting you feel where you were tagged whilst all the other BLOBs flash the team colour.

A high quality speaker, so loud you can feel it, provides CD quality, dynamic, digitally sampled sound effects that coincide with every action, such as buying power-ups, getting tagged, etc. These sounds are reinforced with messages on the Phaser Liquid Crystal Display, which is updated continuously via radio link throughout the game.

The Phaser

The Phaser is lightweight (2 1/2lbs) and two-handed for comfort, accuracy and safety. It has dual triggers for safety - you must keep both hands on the Phaser at all times.

The Phaser is remarkably accurate enabling you to pick off different BLOB sensors on other player's Bodysuits with ease. With the new DarkLight V5 variable range feature, the Phaser can have different ranges for different powers so you can choose your favourite style of play, being able to get into the action and "dogfight", or retreat to a distance for sneaky assassin-style games.

On the front there is another BLOB, which also flashes white and vibrates when tagged, so you can be tagged even if 'sniping' from behind cover. The BLOB can also shoot out in all directions so the Phaser can be used in many different ways depending on your power.

The Phaser

The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

This high-quality, graphic LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is located, in permanent view, on the rear of your Phaser. It is continuously updated every second during the game explaining what is happening to you in full text as every action and event occurs.

You can see at a glance exactly what is going on in the game, giving you total intuitive control of the game. At all times the basic game information is shown:

LCD Display


  • ENERGY - The number of tags you can take before losing a life
  • AMMO - The ammo you have left
  • CREDITS - The arena "currency". 1 credit is awarded for each opponent you tag. Credits should be accumulated to get Power-ups from the GEMs
  • LIVES - If a player loses all of their lives, it is GAME OVER
  • POINTS - Your score
  • RANK -Your position in the game at any given moment

The central lines display text information to assist you during the game. If you want to know what is happening, check the LCD to see. Here you can read whom you just tagged, who just tagged you etc. Every time your pack makes a sound, your LCD will explain what it means.

Examples of messages that can appear are:

  • YOU TAGGED TERMINATOR - When you score a tag on an opponent, you can see who you tagged (it shows whatever name that player logged in as)

  • PREDATOR TAGGED YOU - When you have been tagged, you can see who got you (good for hunting them down for revenge!)

  • INVISIBILITY FOR 1m30s Shows which Power-Up you have received and for how long

  • LIGHTNING HAS STRUCK YOU - When a Lightning GEM in an Adventure Game has tagged you

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The PackGame Enhamcement Module