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Welcome to DarkLight

Founded in 1991, DarkLight made its first sale in 1992.

Based in the UK, DarkLight has a global presence, having supplied to and been involved in setting up dozens of Laser Tag facilities in America, Canada, UK, throughout Europe, the Middle East, Australia and now South Africa.

High end, durable equipment, intuitive games – perfect for busy centres.

Committed to providing first rate customer service and on-going support to our customers.

Can supply equipment only or a full turnkey package.

Program of continual development. Software and hardware upgrades are constantly available.
Our current version 5 system is the third ‘ground-up’ redesign.

Motivated by the passion to play the ultimate Laser Tag game in the most exciting environments and the desire to build the ultimate Laser Tag equipment, DarkLight have pushed the frontiers and have introduced designs and ideas that have repeatedly set industry standards.


As a company we firmly believe that laser tag is a game that will evolve greatly into the future (see the Future). There are many models for success and rather than imposing our methods and branding on operators we endeavour to learn from them and facilitate their ideas as there are many ways of operating and marketing the game to suit different local and cultural needs and nothing can beat knowledge and experience on the ground.
1. Developing infrastructure, hardware and software to further improve
The Game Equipment – How easy to use it is – How reliable it is
DarkLight The Game – Ease of play – Functional flexibility – Editable versitility – Ease of editability and upgradability
The Game Environment – The arena construction systems – Varieties in maze and furniture – Sounds – Lights – Themes – Special effects
The processes immediately before and after the game – Pack allocation – The Briefing – Vesting – Score sheets -De-briefing
The reduction, easing and speeding up of repeat tasks for the operator – Maintenance – Vesting – Briefing
Marketing the DarkLight game to their customers and to the operator customers – major emphasis on web resources

2. Expanding the market by increasing

Product accessibility, affordability, functionality and profitability within as many different types of operation in as broad a range of cultures as we can.
Distribution and support infrastructures.
Public awareness of the game and where it can be played

3. Developing the concepts of the game and operations to move closer to the DarkLight vision of the Future.

Who are we?

Jimmy Haycraft
Jimmy HaycraftDesign & Direction
The original founder of DarkLight, Jimmy is responsible for company affairs and all DarkLight designs including every version of the DarkLight equipment and the Hex Arena construction system.

Jimmy’s designs have repeatedly set the standards for designers throughout the industry.

Phone: +44 (0) 1453 883333

Chris Strode
Chris StrodeTechnical Manager
Chris has worked for DarkLight since 1994 and has been responsible for many different elements within the company.

He is currently responsible for software development and manages technical support to all the sites.
Chris is a true gamer and his enthusiasm for development of the game and relations with players around the world provides a continual insight into their thoughts and opinions.

Phone: +44 (0) 1453 883333

Julian White
Julian WhiteManufacturing
Julian started work for DarkLight in 1999.

Through his great enthusiasm, speed, efficiency and precise appreciation of quality control, DarkLight manufacturing continually seeks to better the standards of reliability and presentation.

Julian is also responsible for new parts orders and returns.

Phone: +44 (0) 1453 883333.