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Sound Effects

Two predominant concerns of a Darklight lighting design are reliability and versatility. To support the “wow” effects there have to be more practical workhorse effects and decorative lighting – this will minimise your costs.. There is a glut of discotheque-style moving effects lanterns available worldwide but they are not designed for, and very few are up to, the 10 -16 hrs a day continuous workload required by an Arena. Darklight only specify products we have tested by lasting installation – and by surviving accidental or deliberate abuse. Effects Manufacturers we recommend have international distribution chains or Darklight can supply the majority of fixtures direct to new territories.

There are no extraordinary power requirements for substantial Arena lighting and effects. We provide elecrical specifications and outlet location drawings for our Designs. On Site, we are accustomed to CE and UL Regulations and well used to adapting to local Health and Safety Regulations.

Intelligent lighting systems have many attractive features for lasertag but, because of the structural intricacies of a Hexarena, a multitude of effects sources are required to provide continuous light levels from many angles which is necessary to play in safety. The priority is to light obstacles or avenues decoratively, and continuously, before multi-directional intelligent effects can come into play. Rampways and bridges are outlined with low voltage chasing rope-light or E. L.; this lessens the amount of Effect Projectors or structural fixtures required to light specific areas individually, thus keeping costs down.

Moving shards and static curtains of light divide the room to reveal or block lines of sight. Hiding the size and shape of the building parameters promotes the mysterious form and challenging layout of a multi level arena; sets it in unseen, imaginary surroundings.

Backlighting the arena structure enhances its uncommon angularity, contrasts and brings out silhouetes; from bold crenellations and coloured lanterns, ephemeral landscapes emerge through the haze. The Hex arena creates space for many different environments within one omnipresent form. Lighting is an immediate tool for describing different zones and illustrating GEM themes. There are many theatrical gobo effects – fire, waterfall, forest scenes etc. – that are apt for the Arena and can remotely appear or disappear according to GEM states.

DarkLight install an original effect for arena lighting; “The Spectral Kat”. This is a custom rotating gobo fitted to a reliable effects projector. The effect is a moving pattern of prismatic colours that, when combined in a group, enveloppe the focal area from all sides so that you are surrounded by a moving matrix of fine dot and line patterns that slowly spin in and out of one another; Bursts of sharp white beams are momentarily suspended in the fine smoke haze then interceded by rays of prismatic colours. The moving projected patterns cause the arena walls to undulate toward and away from you.

Darklight custom “Spectral Kat” moving effect projections

Flatspot and Moonflower effects

Boxed-Light Effects

A Trimaze in the “Spectral Kat” lighting effect