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Lighting Design

Sound is an important consideration in the overall design and an vital aspect of the various game scripts.
Darklight can design, install and fine tune a sound system together with GEMs, and other stand-alone sound effects, to optimise the sound dynamic of the arena and the game play.
GEMs provide a stand alone sound source with pre-programmed active and passive sound modes. Atmospheric sounds (passive mode), that alternate across the arena, add new dimensions to instrumental backing tracks. GEM sounds provide an element of surprise, reveal the identity or even the location of the GEM.
A Hexarena provides many opportunities for localised sound effects, for example, giant footsteps following you down a ramp (;your own footsteps echoed via a microphone) or screeching bats flying out of a castle tower. DarkLight software development provides game specific identities and sound effects for each GEM.

The importance of a soundtrack to laser tag is essentially the same as to a movie. It is an accompaniment and an experience enhancer to an imaginative journey in an alternative role.
Music is either a hindrance or a support to our everyday experiences and if indifferent music is playing you can pretty much rely on a ‘made for TV’ kind of movie feel. So the soundtrack must be relevant and a positive contribution to the suspension of disbelief else it will distract from the efforts made in design, decoration and lighting to create a backdrop and setting to the game playing. An important rule of thumb in all decor and theme making is to avoid the commonplace – partly why it costs so much, but by the same token, some attention to details that cost nothing can save you wasting some of what you can afford in creating a ‘new place’ . In many Arenas worldwide new players/potential repeat customers are being alienated by musical taste. Marshalls and regulars bring in their favourite CDs to hear on the big system and take full advantage of scaring off any challenging novices with the latest Britney Spears stacked up to full whack. Lack of attention to briefing, and sound, are top of the list responsible for spoiling a new player’s chance to understand and enjoy the games.