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The DarkLight Laser Tag System

The DarkLight Laser Tag uses uses real-time radio polling along with Infra-Red (IR) technology to give the best laser tag experience to the player.

The Pack

The Pack is made from leather, which, being a breathable material, virtually eliminates the smells and sweat that would be absorbed by other materials. It is durable, strong and hard-wearing but also soft and flexible.

On-the-rack charging

The Packs automatically recharge when returned to the racks between games. No need to change batteries or remove them at the end of the day to charge them. Pack charge is continually topped up throughout the day so that the packs are always ready to play.

The Blobs

These show the team (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) and provide a clear target for players to aim for.
In some advanced games, players may change teams DURING THE GAME by tagging certain GEMs.

The Phaser

The Phaser has two triggers as a safety feature to ensure players keep two hands on the Phaser at all times.
The Phaser will fire a visible laser each time the triggers are pressed to help player’s aim.

The Phaser Display

On the back of the Phaser, the display clearly shows the players stats (Ammo, Energy, Lives, Points and Rank) in real-time. Any game events will produce a message, along with Digital Sounds so that the player will know what is going on.

Game Enhancement Modules (GEMs)

These are located in various places around the arena. These GEMs can be set as team bases, recharge stations and can sell special power-ups in exchange for Credits (1 credit is awarded for each opponent tagged)

DarkLight Laser Tag V5 is the most ground-breaking Laser Tag equipment ever made. DarkLight’s 20+ year experience of using radio to control the game allows for an unprecedented degree of flexible, high quality, intuitive game play. With the DarkLight Laser Tag system you not only get real time scoring but information feedback and game control like you have never seen before.