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Welcome to the DarkLight Buyer’s Pages. These pages are aimed at people interested in opening their own Laser Tag facility. Here, you will get a preview of what is involved, the major things to consider, and also find all you need to know about DarkLight’s Products.

If you are a Player or browsing the site to find out about the DarkLight game, then have a look at our Facebook page.
If you are serious about opening a facility, read on…..

Why Laser Tag?

Running your own Lasertag facility is an extremely rewarding thing to do. If you enjoy being the hub of a community, having a place where people go to have fun and you enjoy computer games and sports, all while making a healthy profit, then running a Laser Tag facility could be the thing for you. If you operate an an existing facility with a Bowling Alley, Go-Karts, Softplay, Mini-Golf or any other leisure activity then Laser Tag could be a perfect complement to increase the appeal and throughput of your operation.

As a Laser Tag operator you could be providing a truly great, fun experience to people covering a very wide age band. As a business it is an opportunity to excercise your expertise in many different areas culminating in what will be a fascinating and inspiring experience.

Why DarkLight?

So, if you are interested in setting up a Laser Tag facility, the following pages will show you that DarkLight is the best choice. We can provide you with everything you need to set up and run the highest quality Laser Tag center within reasonable budgets.

DarkLight don’t just supply the finest Laser Tag equipment; we are committed to providing you with every aid to help you plan and make decisions with great ease and to provide you with every product option to suit your needs. Whether you want DarkLight as part of an FEC, or a family-run, stand-alone operation, we can supply you with support and information to optimise every step from finding your building to marketing your finished DarkLight site. At every stage we try to reduce all your repeat tasks and suggest ways of preventing wasteful spending in order to ensure a thriving and enjoyable business for you. Above all we are pledged to the long term future and our success ultimately will depend on your success for that future. We will do all we can to help you have the most exciting and profitable operation for as long as possible.

This section will help you on the road to opening your own Laser Tag facility. Take a look though the various pages by clicking on the navigation buttons to learn more.

If you are interested in setting up a Laser Tag arena, we want to hear from you.

As every Arena is different, and the cost varies depending on several key factors, it is best if you e-mail us.

Please tell us where you are, If you have a location in mind, where it is.