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Computer System

Building on over 20 years of experience and consultation with both players and site owners, DarkLight have developed the most ground-breaking Laser Tag equipment ever.

We are proud to present our latest equipment release; Version 5.

A completely new system in every way, the DarkLight V5 equipment has been designed to play the most enjoyable game, to be totally reliable, maintenance-free and extremely easy to use. The hardware and software has been combined for maximum intuitive play and flexible use.

What and how Information is fed back to the players during the game is the core to how easy and enjoyable a game can be. It really makes little difference what is happening in the game if the player has little or no knowledge or understanding of the events surrounding them.

Through the use of Radio to establish total real-time communication with each Pack, clearly visible lights on the Pack, the LCD on the back of the phaser and CD quality digitally sampled sounds, the quality and quantity of the information fed back to the players is limitless. This is where the true versatility of the software comes in to play. Games can be designed and refined to previously unseen levels of customer satisfaction.

This hardware and software system may sound like it must be complicated but it is anything but. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) has been the motto of design at every stage. Every element of the DarkLight V5 system has been conceived to be

Simple to use – as operator and player friendly as possible
Entirely reliable – maximise your revenue through near-zero downtime of your equipment
Phenomenally flexible and allow for unlimited configurations – great for customising
Look absolutely brilliant – impress your customers!
When we set out to create V5, our aim was to build a platform upon which we could develop and implement every good idea we could think of – an engine allowing us to radically improve every element over time, ensuring it would always be fresh and cutting-edge, never stale or out-dated.

It is with great confidence that we can state that our V5 is the world’s leading laser tag system in terms of innovation and technology; a statement we will stand by, and can prove to any prospective buyer by a demonstration – we guarantee you will not be disappointed. Other companies may claim to be the best – we will prove we are the best.

Check out the following pages for more information about the game hardware…