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Computer System

Game Enhancement Modules (GEMs) are one of the key points that make DarkLight different from other systems. GEMs are intelligent, programmable entities in the Arena that give the game designer hundreds of options to create special games, themed adventures, and to give the versatility to ensure players come back to experience new game-types.

GEMs are found around the Arena, typically 5 in a 20 Player site. They serve many functions, both helping and hindering players. Players can exchange Credits at GEMs to receive benefits, such as more Ammunition, Energy, different Weapons etc. These Power-Ups are set when the game is created, so each GEM can have a totally different power in every game.

GEMs can also attack players though. Each has a motion sensor that will detect movement in an area around it. When triggered, it will sound off and start counting down, giving the player a couple of seconds to either tag it or get out of its way!

GEMs can be programmed to act as energizing stations, team bases, sentinels, aid-stations, ammo dumps, Keys, mines – you name it, they can do it. They can be programmed to ignore their own teams’ players and only attack enemies, to be Adventure Game characters such as Vampires… there’s lots more!

Each also has 4 interactive electronic relays that can trigger special effects such as lights, music, open doors, animatronics – just plug ’em in!

If you have any specific requirements then please contact DarkLight to find out more and how the GEM can be customised.

Some of the things GEMs can do:

Award Weapon Upgrades & Power-ups to Players
Be a Mine to attack players
In a team game, can be set as a Base
Trigger special effects
Be a “theme” character for Adventure Games

The GEM’s versatility doesn’t end there. There are many programmable features available to you, the Operator, to create varied, detailed games:

Assign GEMs to a Team: the GEM illuminates as the team colour, so you can see which team it belongs to. It can be set to only attack the opposite team, or just attack ANYONE who approaches it! It can even be set to only give its special Power Up or Weapon to its own team players!
Program a GEM to be a Guardian: GEMs can identify individual players, perhaps only opening a door to a secret area for Players that the GEM knows have “qualified” by previously completing a set task.
GEMs are used in special games, such as “Defector”, “Pink Panther” and “Bulldog” for different purposes
In “Theme” Adventure Games, GEMs adopt the characters of creatures such as the Vampire. When you are tagged by a themed GEM, you’ll suffer a connected fate – perhaps you’ll get struck by “Lighting” or be bitten by Giant Snake – will you find the cure before the poison takes effect…?
There is lots more! Only a demonstration will show you the full range of their abilities!


Credits are a virtual “currency” within the DarkLight Arena. Think of Credits as a bounty or reward you are awarded for every person that you tag during the game. You “earn” Credits for tagging and spend them at GEMs to receive Power-Ups etc.

Different games will have different things available, so it will vary from game to game.

The Central Game Computer (CGC) is constantly monitoring the game via super-fast radio link. The CGC will give Players a Credit every time they tag a Player. They will get an audible confirmation immediately after tagging them, and it will show up on the Phaser LCD (see above).

How do I get a special Power-Up or Weapon Upgrade?

Simply approach a GEM and check the display on the GEM that will show a 2-digit number, such as 03. This is the number of Credits that GEM will sell you its Power or Weapon for. You then check your Phaser LCD to see if you have enough Credits, if you do, then simply tag the GEM. The credits will be deducted from you and you will receive the Power-Up or Weapon. You will see a message on your Phaser LCD telling you what you have received and for how long you will have it (see “Display” above).

If you don’t have enough Credits, it will even tell you on the Phaser LCD how many you need, so you can go looking for more targets.