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Computer System

The V5 Pack has incorporated every feature and quality that we have learnt is necessary to make the it the finest there is. As well as playing a superb game (see Player pages) it is incredibly hard waring and reliable without being bulky and rigid. What is more, it is amazingly simple to operate.

Performance enhancing features –
The BLOB(tm) – so named for its large, highly luminant blobby character. It can be any colour including red, green, blue, yellow, aqua marine, purple and white. It is an IR sensor, an IR emmiter, and a vibrator encased in a thick polycarbonate blob and there are seven of them on every pack for uniform targetting. The BLOB is a revolutionary, an all-in-one compact solution to all the exterior functions of the Pack.
Extra fast radio which gives immediate responses and updates and which enables downloading of software through the ether.
Extra loud and clear sound with much more memory for onboard sounds
Graphic LCD on the phaser so instead of being limited to just displaying letters and numbers it can display graphical representations. This paves the way for vast levels of information feedback to both the player during the game and the operator when configuring and diagnosing.
Two handed, two trigger phaser.

Superior Durability, Reliability and minimal Maintenance – We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the equipment is as tough as possible – to protect your investment.

Leather Bodysuit – this is tough, high-grade real black leather to ensure great durability whilst being soft and flexible for comfort while playing. It is sealed and all surfaces are smooth so it easy to clean and there are no cracks and gaps for sweaty build up. It will also look better with age.
Fixed Laser/IR alignment system – whilst maintaining the range and accuracy DarkLight are famous for, the laser and infra-red can almost never go out of alignment –
The Concertina Phaser cable which is almost indestructible, totally flexible and light weight . The V5 phaser cable is the only one on the market that can make this claim. Whilst many manufacturers can claim indestructibility they use a rigid thick hose which is long, heavy and cumbersome and whilst many can claim flexibility and light weight, they use a curly cable which is highly susceptible to wear and requires continued maintenance. The new V5 cable design really is pretty well indestructible whilst being lightweight and flexible.
Sealed components – All electronic components are sealed away from any possible fog residue and damp.
Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Casing – the stuff bullet proof Police riot-shields are made from, ensures all components are protected. DarkLight invites prospective buyers to abuse the pack to satisfy themselves of its durability. Such tests have included hitting it with a hammer, repeated hits of the phaser against the floor and, in one case dropping it from the ninth floor of a hotel onto concrete. If you don’t believe it, there were two representatives of the ILTA who witnessed it so check it out from them.
Shock proofed and mechanically independently mounted components – With the relentless abuse that LaserTag equipment suffers the importance of this feature can not be underestimated. All potentially fragile components such as the LCD are mounted away from the outer casing with only an indirect mechanical link and on rubber buffered mounts. They are effectively floating inside. The phaser itself has a rubber bumper all the way round.
Easily accessible components – The whole suit is held together by two 10mm stainless steel “T” bolts which when undone allow access to all components.

Extremely Operationally efficient and idiot proof – We know how simple the system has to be to use so your staff can’t make important mistakes and don’t waste their time doing repeat tasks.

Charging on the Rack – Each pack has its own intelligent battery charger on board which tops up the charge in between every game just by being on the rack so there is no need to swap out batteries or plug the pack in. The charge to use ratio is about 1 to 6 so for every six minutes of use the pack needs about one minute of charge. So, assuming the pack stays on the rack for 2 – 3 minutes between games which are between 10 – 15 minutes long, the battery should be fully topped up between games. If the battery were not topped up in between each game the pack would last 6 – 8 hours of continued use or 10 – 12 hours of standby so there is a huge contingency.

Configurator – which can configure the Packs and GEMs in almost every way necessary for the operator from pack ID to putting into diagnostics mode. It is also a mashall tool for penalising players when they fail to observe the rules. These penalties can be set

Infinitely Editable Software – Starting now and to continue indefinitely, the software will be developed to take advantage of all the hardware potential of Version 5.