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Setting up a Laser Tag Facility

When starting a Laser Tag facility, it is very easy to be over-optimistic and underestimate the size of the project. It requires a lot of realistic planning to succeed within schedule and budget. In the following pages we present some points which we hope will help you in your planning and provide some food for thought in your evaluation of the setting up process.

These pages are intended only to give a general indication, as an evaluation tool. Every situation is different and the information provided herein is of a general nature only and DarkLight accepts no responsibility for the way it is used or interpreted.

We have compiled a basic guide to what needs to be done when setting up a DarkLight Centre in the Tasks pages. Of the tasks, some can be achieved in parallel but some are definitely inter-dependent. In order to assess this you can look at our Scheduler page where we also guestimate realistic time frames. To get a rough idea of how much the setting up process will cost we offer various different scenarios in our Cost Calculator page.

It is easy to only think how quickly things can happen or how little they might cost rather than how slowly and how much. In our Traps & Pitfalls page you can read about what can happen when being too optimistic about setting up a DarkLight or any other Laser Tag facility.